Delivery rake SB - 4631

The delivery rake SB - 4631 has working span of 4,6 m.

  • Tandem chassis ensuring greater stability and tracking of the terrain contours
  • The wheels of the chassis are located just behind the working tines so that the rakes properly track the terrain contours
  • Large rotor with 10 working arms and a large gearbox
  • Designed for larger areas
  • Optional accessories: front terrain tracking wheel for SB-3621, SB-3921, SB-4231 and SB-4631

Technical data of the delivery rake
maximum working width m 4,6
transport width m 1,85
diameter of the rotor m 3,76
number of the rotors pcs. 1
number of arms on the rotor pcs. 10
number of the fingers on the arm pcs. 4
size of the rotor tyres 4/16x6,5-8
minimum drive power of the tractor kW 45
outlet shaft speed rpm 540
area capacity ha / hour 4,7
weight kg 635
cardan shaft type AW 21086 K32


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