Frequent asked questions that will facilitate your decision-making prior purchasing a fodder tedder, a delivery rake or disc mower.


What kind of lightening system is used in disc mowers ROZMITAL?
Side mounted disc mowers SD-220, SD-260, SD-260C, SD-300C, SD-340 have a hydro-pneumatic cutterbar lightening system which quarantees the highest quality.
Front mounted disc mowers SC-301, SC-301C using springs for cuttebar flotation.

Are the disc mowers produced with conditioner?
Yes, the disc mowers SD-260C, SD-300C and SC-301C are available with conditioner with plastic fingers.


How many rotors have the fodder tedders produced by you and what are their swaths?
Two-rotor fodder tedders with the working spans of 2,7 m.
Four-rotor fodder tedders with the working spans of 4.5 m and 5.2 m.
Six-rotor fodder tedders with the working span of 6.7 and 7.6 m.
Eight-rotor fodder tedders with the working span of 8.9 m.

How to select the right swath and what are the factors for our choice?
a) The working span of your mower – the width of mown swaths.
b) Fodder tedder weight – transportation of a fodder tedder carried by hydraulic arms.

What facilitates the swing of consoles during terrain copying and their tilting into their transportation position?
A swivel joint of the consoles and shaft connection by means of a hinge or double hinge.

What transfers the torque from the central case to the individual rotors?
Torque is transferred by a hexagonal shaft supported on ball bearings.

What prevents machine vibrations during work and riding away on the slope?
Amortization bars connecting the three-point hitch and the machine frame.

How many working arms are there on each rotor?
The rotors are equipped with six arms each of which with one raking double-finger.

What is the quality of working fingers and what is their material?
The working fingers are made from a material with plastic memory that guarantees long service life at high working loads on a rough terrain.

What prevents overloading of the machine during work?
An overload clutch is mounted on the connecting cardan shaft.

Are your fodder tedders equipped with side distribution?
All our fodder tedder types have mechanically or hydraulically adjustable side distribution.

How are fodder tedders transported behind a tractor?
Fodder tedders: OZ - 272, OZ - 454, OZ - 524, OZ - 676 are carried fodder tedders, fodder tedder OZ - 898 is towed by means of hydraulically tilting travelling wheels.


What delivery rakes do you produce?
One-rotor delivery rakes with a side swath – working spans: 3.6; 3.9; 4.2; 4.6; 4.9 m.
Two-rotor delivery rakes with a central swath – working spans: 6.8; 7.7; 8.5 m.
Two-rotor delivery rakes with a side swath – working span of up to 7.5 m.

How is the rocker arm mechanism in the rotor gearbox lubricated?
As compared to competitive delivery rakes, our gearboxes are sealed and oil-lubricated.

What are the advantages of the rotor gearbox oil filling?
It guarantees low wear the rocker arm mechanism, perfect lubrication of the pulleys, the movement of the rocker arm, and silent running.

What is the principle of terrain copying in two-rotor delivery rakes?
To ensure optimal results, our delivery rakes are equipped with lateral and longitudinal terrain copying.

What is the protection of the working rotors against overloading?
The cardan shafts of all our rotor delivery rakes are equipped with overload clutches.

Is it possible to adjust the height of a working finger from the swath by means of the travelling wheels?
Each rotor can be adjusted, independently of the machine frame, with an adjusting crank.

How are your two-rotor delivery rakes tilted into their transport position?
Tilting into the transport position is made possible by two hydraulic cylinders controlled from the tractor driver’s seat.

How many working arms are there on a delivery rake rotor?
A delivery rake rotor has eight, ten or thirteen working arms that are fixed by means of locking pins and rings for easy mounting and dismounting.

How many double-fingers are there on each rotor arm?
Types SB-3621 and SB-3921 are equipped with 3 raking double-fingers, the others have 4 raking double-fingers.