Delivery rake SP - 772D

Delivery rake SP - 772D has adjustable span from 6,8 to 7,7 m.

Span of the SP - 772D delivery rake in the maximum position is 7,7 m and width of the created centerline takes up to 2,1 m in the maximum position.

To adjust the width of span on the machine SP - 772D, loosen the fitting bolts on the rotor's arm and manually shift the rotor to its other position, and re-fit It with the bolts. The higher width of span is appropriate to use when the width of the raked line is not essential, and when the collection equipment that reaps fodder from the field has a sufficiently wide span.

Copying the terrain
Both rotors of both the SP - 682D and SP - 772D delivery rakes are hung in such a way to be able to copy the terrain longitudinally and also diagonally irrespective of the position of the frame. This contributes to quieter work of the machine and to its increased capacity.

Steered back Wheels
With steered back wheels.

Technical data of the delivery rake
    SP - 772D
maximum working width m 7,7
transport width m 2,90
diameter of the rotor m 3,36
number of the rotors pcs. 2
number of arms on the rotor pcs. 10
number of the fingers on the arm pcs. 4
size of the rotor tyres 3 / 16x6,5 - 8
size of the traveling tyres 225/65-16
minimum drive power of the tractor kW 44
outlet shaft speed rpm 540
area capacity ha / hour 7,6
weight kg 1790
cardan shaft type AW21101-50°
Internal cardan shaft AW21121 K32