Delivery rake SP - 962H


Twin-rotor middle row rake with a working width of 9.6 m.

Twin-rotor middle row rake with hydraulically adjustable working width up to 9.6 m. The original solution of folding arms and hydraulic displacement of rotors ROZMITAL.

Technical data of the delivery rake SP - 962H
max. working width m 9,6
transport width m 2,93
diameter of the rotor m 4,2
number of the rotors pc 2
number of arms on the rotor pc 13
number of the fingers on the arm pc 4
tires in front of the rotor number/size 1/18x8,5-8
tires under the rotor number/size 4/16x6,5-8
size of the traveling tyres 340/55-16
minimum drive power of the tractor kW 55
outlet shaft speed 1 / min 540
area capacity ha / hod 9,5
weight kg 3030
cardan shaft type AW21101-50°
Internal cardan shaft AW21121K33