Tedder OZ - 908


Our largest mounted tedder model, with a working width of 9 m.

  • Working width 9 m without transport chassis
  • Heavy-duty and durable construction
  • 16x6,5-8 wheels under rotors, double mounting on the middle pair
  • Proper tedding at the headland is secured by a folding tarpaulin
  • Simplified folding of end rotors
  • Optional accessories: front terrain tracking wheel
Technical data of the tedder OZ - 908
working width m 9,0
transport width m 2,99
number of the rotors pc 8
number of arms on the rotor pc 6
number of the fingers on the arm pc 1
diameter of the rotor m 1,36
outlet shaft speed 1 / min 540
tires under the rotor / dimension 16x6,5 - 8
area capacity ha / hod 10,2
minimum drive power of the tractor kW 71
cardan shaft type 8G5T101
weight kg 1450