Tedder OZ - 454

The fodder tedder OZ - 454 is a four rotor tedder with working width 4,5 m.

Their arms are hydraulically lifted to the vertical transport position and the amortization bars ensure their stability.

  • Heavy-duty and durable construction
  • Stabilizing struts
  • Hydraulic folding of the arms
  • Automatic locking of the arms in transport position
  • 16x6.5-8 working wheels as standard
  • Extra strong tines on all tedders
  • Excellent tracking of the terrain contours
  • As an optional accessory, the machine can be equipped with hook fingers for better spreading and fluffing of the material and minimizing the risk of contamination of the forage with soil, etc.
Technical data of the tedder
    OZ - 454
working width m 4,5
transport width m 2,64
number of the rotors pcs. 4
number of arms on the rotor pcs. 6
number of the fingers on the arm pcs. 1
diameter of the rotor m 1,36
outlet shaft speed rpm 540
size of the rotor tyres 16x6,5 - 8
maximum working width m 4,5
area capacity ha / hour 5,2
minimum drive power of the tractor kW 35
cardan shaft type 21101 K33
weight kg 555