Tedder OZ - 676, OZ - 676H

We introduce to you the best selling machine from the production of ROZMITAL.

The OZ - 676 and OZ - 676H type has working span of 6,7 m and 6 working rotors.

The OZ - 676 and OZ - 676H tedder is transported in the mounted position, with the arms vertically upwards. Amortization bars ensure the stability of the transported machine through the three-point hitch.

The working wheels under the rotors can be tilted in a way that enables side-discarding of the fodder. The tilting is carried out by either releasing its lever, shifting it to the wanted position, or (with the OZ-676H model) it can be done hydraulically, straight from the tractor cabin.

Technical data of the tedder OZ - 676 OZ - 676H
working width m 6,7 6,7
transport width m 2,64 2,64
number of the rotors pcs. 6 6
number of arms on the rotor pcs. 6 6
diameter of the rotor m 1,36 1,36
number of the fingers on the arm pcs. 1 1
outlet shaft speed rpm 540 540
size of the rotor tyres 16x6,5 - 8 16x6,5 - 8
maximum working width m 6,7 6,7
area capacity ha / hour 7,7 7,7
minimum drive power of the tractor kW 44 44
cardan shaft type AW35101 K33 AW35101 K33
weight kg 795 798