110 years of ROZMITAL = up to 39% discount on 11 models

110 years of ROZMITAL = up to 39% discount on 11 models
7. 8. 2023
Disc mowers, fodder tedders, fodder delivery rakes, universal machines and round balers are all offered by the Czech manufacturer of forage technology Strojírny Rožmitál s.r.o., which celebrates 110 years this year. To honour the occasion, it has prepared a special offer on 11 selected machines with a discount of up to 39%.

In its 110 years of history, ROZMITAL has become a leading forage technology dealer on the domestic market and is successfully expanding abroad. The company exports its products to 21 countries on four continents. As part of the celebration, 11 selected machines are being offered at special prices with discounts of up to 39%. The promotion is valid until 30 September 2023 or while stocks last. Models from each product category are represented in the 11-machine package. Interested parties can find out which machines are specifically affected by the promotion at authorised dealers.

Disc mowers

Robust and durable, disc mowers offer excellent cutting quality and good ground following. Available in a lightweight design or with a centre pivot suspension in the gravity centre of cutter bar for better ground following. There are also front disc mowers in non-conditioned and finger or roller conditioned versions and mowing combinations without or with finger conditioning. The working widths of the machines range from 2.01 to 8.2 m.

SM-820; žací komabinace

The robust mowing combination from ROZMITAL has a working width of 8.2 m and an output of up to 9 ha per hour.

Fodder tedders

The machines are used for spreading swaths and turning green and wilted forage. They are available in two, four, six, eight and ten rotor versions with a working width from 2.7 m to 11.2 m. They are characterised by their robust construction and the individual beams are articulated to achieve excellent ground following.

OZ-676; obraceče píce

The six-rotor fodder tedder OZ-676 has long been a popular machine among forage growers, with a working width of 6.7 m.

Delivery rakes

Single-rotor, twin-rotor and beam delivery rakes are available, either carried or pulled behind the tractor. The working widths of the delivery rakes range from 3.6 m to 13.4 m.

The rakes have an enclosed gearbox with a permanent oil fill for thorough and continuous lubrication of the pulleys and the rocker arm. In addition, they have a large diameter rotor, which ensures sufficient bearing clearance between the individual arms and thus the strength and operational reliability of the individual rotor arms.

SP-1352; shrnovač píce

The SB-1352 two-rotor delivery rake has a working width of 6.8 to 13.4 m. By adjusting the position of the rotors, you can also combine one or two rows.

Universal machines

Universal machines are a fodder tedder and a delivery rake in one. With a simple mechanical conversion, the machines can be set up to turn or stack forage. The working width of the machines ranges from 3.1 m to 3.5 m for turning and from 3.2 m to 3.4 m for raking. The machines are characterised by their simple design and low maintenance and are suitable for smaller areas.

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SP4-152; univerzální stroje

The universal machines are a fodder tedder and delivery rake all in one, pictured here is the SP4-152 in action.

Roll balers

The products added to the range in 2021 have a simple and reliable design that makes them suitable for baling a variety of materials including haylage. There is a choice of a chain fixed chamber model or a cylindrical fixed baler.

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LB-V120; lis na balíky

ROZMITAL only included roll balers in its product range in 2021, they immediately became popular. Pictured is the LB-V120, a fixed chamber roll baler also suitable for haylage.