Czech forage technology ROZMITAL on display at Terres en fête in France

Czech forage technology ROZMITAL on display at Terres en fête in France
5. 6. 2024
Two ROZMITAL machines will be presented to the French public over three exhibition days at the Terres en fête event from Friday 7 June. Farmers can look forward to the six-rotor tedder OZ-676 and the single-rotor delivery rake SB-4631.

ROZMITAL machines will be on display at the stand of business partner Fumery Pieces on stand E17.

The category of tedders will be represented in France by the popular six-rotor tedder OZ-676 with a working width of 6.7 m. The carrier tedder stands out for its robust and durable construction, but also for its high mobility and easy handling. With an area output of up to 7.7 hectares per working hour, it is suitable for small to medium-sized farms. The tedder can be aggregated with tractors from 60 HP upwards.

The OZ-676 rotor box beams are articulated. In addition, the double articulated joint allows the rotor beams to swing out when working, which has a positive effect on ground following and allows tipping into the transport position.

The rotors are driven by shafts and cardan joints and are secured by an overload clutch on the drive shaft. The working rotors are equipped with six arms, each with one raking double finger made of high quality spring steel.

The turner is hydraulically adjustable to the transport carrying position. When the machine is lifted, the cultivator is automatically stabilised behind the tractor by means of shock absorbing rods, which prevent the machine from wobbling and running away when working on a slope. Once lowered into the working position, the harrow moves freely in the articulated joint, thus following the uneven terrain and turning the forage well. The good copying properties can be improved by fitting a copying wheel.

The machine is also equipped with running wheels which can be swivelled to achieve an inclined machine position behind the tractor and influence the direction of the forage side discharge. This is a valuable feature, especially when working on land edges.

Another machine from the workshop of the Czech forage technology producer Strojírna Rožmitál presented at the exhibition will be the SB-4631 single-rotor carried delivery rake. The machine has a working width of 4.6 m and a total weight of over 630 kg. It is therefore a robust machine with a durable construction. With an area capacity of 4.7 ha, the harvester can be used on smaller and medium-sized areas. A minimum pulling power of 60 HP is required.

The SB-4631 has a closed gearbox housing with a permanent oil fill that can be drained and replaced as with a gearbox. The sealed housing ensures thorough lubrication of the pulleys and backdrive track and reduces wear on individual parts. In addition, the enclosed gearbox system reduces the overall noise level of the machine during operation.

The machine's 3.76 m diameter rotor is equipped with 10 working arms, each with four double fingers. The height of the rakes can be mechanically adjusted depending on the stubble height. The height adjustment mechanism is located above the rotor and can be conveniently controlled by the operator using a raised bar above the machine frame. Good copying properties and overall stability are achieved by the tandem four-wheel chassis.

The SB-4631 is also equipped with shock absorbing bars that prevent the machine from wobbling or skidding on a slope and automatically locks the machine into transport position when lifted.

Terres en fête is an outdoor exhibition held near the administrative city of Arras in northern France. Up to 500 exhibitors will be present on an area of more than 20 hectares, and during the three days of the show, an average of 85,000 farmers from France and Benelux, for example, will visit the event.