ROZMITAL - get ready for the new season on time

ROZMITAL - get ready for the new season on time
14. 3. 2023
Disc mowers, fodder tedders and delivery rakes, universal machines and roll balers, all offered by Strojírny Rozmitál. Professionals and private farmers at home and abroad rely on the machines of the Czech manufacturer. The season is around the corner, equip yourself with robust and durable Czech forage technology on time!

Robustness, durability, reliability and long service life - this is proven technology from the workshops in Rožmitál pod Třemšínem. Farmers at home and abroad rely on forage technology.

Dics mowers

The robust and durable disc mowers from ROZMITAL have excellent cutting quality and good ground following. The machines are available in a lightweight rear three-point linkage design with working widths of 2.01 m (SD-20L) and 2.38 m (SD-24L). There are also rear side-mounted disc mowers with centre suspension at the centre of gravity of the bar for better ground following with working widths of 2.56 to 3.37m. The range of front disc mowers comprises models with a working width of 3.01 m and in non-conditioned or finger or roller conditioned versions. Not forgetting the SM-820 mowing combination with a cutting width of 8.2 m without or with finger conditioner.

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Fodder tedders

The fodder tedders for spreading swaths and turning green and stubble forage are available in two, four, six, eight and ten rotor versions with a working width from 2.7 m to 11.2 m. They are characterised by their robust construction with box-type rotor beams. The individual beams are hinged to achieve excellent ground following.

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Delivery rakes

Single-rotor, two-rotor and beam delivery rakes are available in various modifications, either carried on a three-point hitch or towed behind the tractor. The working widths of the delivery rakes range from 3.6 m to 13.4 m.

The forage harvesters from Strojírny Rožmitál, s.r.o. have a closed gearbox with a permanent oil filling, which guarantees thorough and continuous lubrication of the pulleys and the rocker arms, while reducing the noise of the rotor during work.

The rotor housing has a large diameter, which ensures sufficient bearing clearance between the individual arms and thus the strength and operational reliability of the individual rotor arms.

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Universal machines

Universal machines are a tedder and a delivery rake in one. With a simple mechanical conversion, the machines can be set up to turn or rake forage. The working width of the machines ranges from 3.1 m to 3.5 m for turning and from 3.2 m to 3.4 m for raking. The machines are characterised by their simple design and low maintenance and are suitable for smaller areas.

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Roll balers

Roll balers are characterized by their robust and durable design. They have a simple and reliable design that makes them suitable for baling a wide variety of materials including haylage. The rigid baling chamber ensures a high degree of even compaction and consistently shapes bales. Choose from a chain fixed chamber model or a cylindrical fixed baler.

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Are you interested in the offer and hesitating which type of machine would be most suitable for your needs? Contact your nearest authorised dealer to find out what quality you can get with Rozmital machines.

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