Tedder OZ - 898

Its working span is 8,9 m and it is equipped with 8 working rotors. Intended for customers farming large areas.

For transport of this machine, the auxiliary hydraulic hinged undercarriage is used and its end arms tip back to save space. This solution provides safe transport of the machine even when connected to smaller types of tractors. The OZ-898 does not require any extra large space for storage.

Technical data of the tedder
    OZ - 898
working width m 8,9
transport width m 2,64
number of the rotors pcs. 8
number of arms on the rotor pcs. 6
number of the fingers on the arm pcs. 1
diameter of the rotor m 1,36
outlet shaft speed rpm 540
size of the rotor tyres 16x6,5 - 8
size of the traveling tyres 215/65 - 15
maximum working width m 8,9
area capacity ha / hour 9,8
minimum drive power of the tractor kW 55
cardan shaft type 35121 K33
weight kg 1380