Even your animals dream of ROZMITAL technology

Even your animals dream of ROZMITAL technology
20. 2. 2024
Equip your farm with high-quality, robust, durable Czech technology ROZMITAL. This way, you will make the secret dreams of your animals come true, as they crave our machines and thanks to them they have juicy forage all year round. You can choose from a wide range of disc mowers, fodder tedders, delivery rakes, as well as universal machines and roll balers.

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Disc mower

Reliable, durable machines stand out for their robustness and durability, but also for their excellent cutting quality and good ground following properties.

Several categories are available:

In addition, the machines are available in non-conditioned, finger conditioned and selected machines with roller conditioning.

For machines with centre suspension, the cutter bar is an original developed and manufactured in Strojírny Rožmitál, and the machines use hydropneumatic supercharging.


Fodder tedders

Durable and unstoppable, these are ROZMITAL's tedders. Moreover, there is something for everyone, from small farmers to large agricultural enterprises. There are two, four, six, eight and ten rotor machines with a working width from 2.7 m to 11.2 m.

The working rotors are equipped with six or seven arms, each with one raking double finger made of high quality spring steel. The drive is made by shafts and cardan joints and is secured by an overload clutch on the drive joint shaft.

The four- and multi-rotor tedders are hydraulically adjustable to the transport position, allowing quick and convenient use on all plots.

All types of tedders connect to the tractor's three-point hitch. The hitch design allows the machine to swivel in the working position and follow the tractor's path around corners.

With the exception of the OZ-1110, which is semi-supported, these are carried machines.

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Delivery rakes

Traditional with high working performance and excellent copying capabilities. This is how ROZMITAL delivery rakes can be characterized. The single-rotor, twin-rotor and beam delivery rakes are available in various versions, either carried on a three-point hitch or pulled behind the tractor. The working widths of the delivery rakes range from 3.6 m to 13.4 m.

The delivery rakes from Strojírny Rožmitál are equipped with a closed gearbox with a constant oil filling, which guarantees a thorough and continuous lubrication of the pulleys and the rocker arm, while reducing the rotor noise during operation.

The rotor casing has a large diameter, which ensures sufficient distance between the bearings of the individual arms and thus the strength and operational reliability of the individual rotor arms.

Copying is ensured by a three-wheel chassis under the rotor, where one of the wheels is offset just in front of the working fingers and allows longitudinal copying. The other two wheels are located on the axle under the rotor housing. Transverse copying allows the work rotor to be suspended on a pivot pin.

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Universal machines

Universal machines are a tedder and a delivery rakein one. With a simple mechanical conversion, the machines can be set up to turn or windrow forage. The working width of the machines ranges from 3.1 m to 3.5 m for turning and from 3.2 m to 3.4 m for windrowing. The machines are characterised by their simple design and low maintenance and are suitable for smaller areas.

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Roll balers

Roll balers have a simple and reliable design that makes them suitable for baling a wide variety of materials including haylage.

The rigid cylindrical baling chamber ensures a high degree of uniform compaction and consistently shapes bales. There is a choice of a chain fixed chamber model or a cylindrical fixed baler.

The machines are equipped with a digital control panel that allows the machine operator to easily operate the baler from the comfort of the tractor cab.

The machines are equipped with wide tyres as standard, which allow smooth movement even on soft and waterlogged soils.

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