Sales and marketing support in 2023

Sales and marketing support in 2023
1. 9. 2021
Also in this business year, the partners of Strojírny Rožmitál s.r.o. have the opportunity to enjoy a range of business and marketing benefits, from the pre-season price offer of machines to the free offer of catalogues in five languages.

"For this business year, the structure of support and benefits to business partners has remained more or less unchanged. The pre-season discounts and quantity bonuses have remained in place. Marketing support from the manufacturer will continue to be provided as part of the sales promotion. From online advertising, participation in trade fairs to communication with journalists and editorial offices," says Petr Zaviačič, sales and marketing representative of Strojírny Rožmitál, s.r.o.

Business support

The purchase of ROZMITAL machines at favourable pre-season prices is only valid until 31 January 2023. Business partners can also benefit from quantity bonuses. The amount and conditions for redemption can be found in the terms and conditions for the business year 2022/2023, which have been sent to each partner.

Marketing support for Strojírny Rožmitál s.r.o.

This year, the ROZMITAL brand will also be presented at home and abroad at selected trade fairs and exhibitions. Local farmers will be able to see the forage technology from Rožmitál pod Třemšínem at Země Živitelka 2023 (Czech Republic). Among the foreign fairs, the brand plans to participate in particular in the German exhibitions Karpfhammer Fest & Rottalschau 2023 (Germany), Mela 2023 (Germany) and the highlight will definitely be Agritechnica (Germany) with an international overlap.

Online advertising is also planned. In this case, it is a year-round promotion, where only the topics communicated change, taking into account business and marketing objectives.

Attention is also paid to traditional PR, where we introduce the company and the machines to editors from home and abroad and generate valuable media outputs that strengthen awareness among professionals and the general public. If you are interested in cooperating and coordinating the offer of topics to journalists, please contact Alexander Kuchar, member of the marketing team (

Local marketing support

In addition to marketing activities carried out directly by Strojírny Rožmitál, there is a wide range of marketing support for business partners. Exhibitions and demo events are supported, catalogues are available and accessible in five languages, as well as advertisement designs, photographs and videos, and Strojírny Rožmitál s.r.o. is able to prepare the necessary texts if required.

You can find photos, videos, ad designs, as well as catalogues, price lists and other documents in the vendor portal  here.  Please pay close attention to them and make sure that your websites, social networks and other marketing materials are updated with the complete product range, including news, and that the information is up-to-date and correct. This will prevent any miscommunication with your customers.