Product innovations

Product innovations
1. 9. 2021
Strojírny Rožmitál s.r.o. annually introduces innovations and product novelties to the market. This year will be no different. Here is an overview of the upcoming innovations.

OZ - 908 for lighter tractors

The weight of the largest carried tedder has been reduced from the prototype 1515 kg to 1320 kg. This will allow the machine to be combined with tractors with a lower weight starting at 4500 kg. The reduction in weight was achieved by optimising the machine design and at the expense of parts uniformity with the OZ - 1110. Production of the machine has already started and during the season, the first lightweight units will be delivered to customers.

Comfortable three-point hitch connection of single-rotor carried delivery rakes

When using the front copy wheel on single-rotor carried delivery rakes, the manufacturer now offers a professional third-point hitch chain pull. It holds the machine with great safety during transport on uneven terrain. At the same time, it allows the operator to quickly and precisely adjust the optimum position of the machine during work as well as in the transport position. The drawbar can also be applied to machines with an older production date. It will be offered as an optional accessory. 

New front mounted mower frame

In autumn last year, the SC - 301R front disc mower was introduced with a roller conditioner for a more gentle harvesting, especially of clover and alfalfa. The machine also featured an innovative carrier frame. The benefit of the new frame is its higher torsional rigidity while maintaining the same weight. And it is this frame that will gradually be introduced on the remaining front disc mowers. Tractor operators will particularly appreciate the elimination of lateral oscillation at higher working speeds.

New hook fingers for selected tedders

New hook fingers will be available this year as an option for selected models with smaller rotor diameters, such as the best-selling OZ-676. The curved shape of the fingers prevents them from digging into the soil, thus avoiding contamination of the forage.

Expansion of the disc mower product range

The development of selected machines of Strojírny Rožmitál continues. The aim is to complete the production lines of the carried mowers with a version with a cylindrical conditioner. This is no different for the lightweight SD-20L or SD-24L model and its extension to a 2.8 m reach, which would appeal to other farmers with weaker tractors. The launch of these new types of machines is expected in the medium term in 2 to 3 years.

The exact dates for the launch of innovations and new machines will be communicated to business partners in due course and will be supplemented with price lists, order dates and other necessary information.