The best dealer of the past year

The best dealer of the past year
1. 9. 2021
Strojírny Rožmitál, s.r.o. announced the winners of the last year's competition for the best salesman. The title of absolute winner was awarded for the fourth time in a row to Gregor a syn, s.r.o. from the Czech Republic.

The competition for the best salesman of the year is announced by Strojírny Rožmitál every year and this year was no different. The monitored parameter is the total turnover of the companies, while the companies are geographically divided into two categories, namely the so-called Czechoslovak and foreign. The three most successful sellers in each category are announced. The highlight of the competition is the announcement of the absolute winner, i.e. the best seller across all categories. Newly this year Strojírny Rožmitál s.r.o. announces the Best Spare Parts Dealer in the Czechoslovak category, i.e. the company with the highest spare parts turnover in a given business year.

In the Czech and Slovak Republics, the winners in the category of Dealer of the Year for the past year were Gregor a Syn, s.r.o. (CZ) in first place, EURIS spol s.r.o. (SK) in second place and Zemědělské potřeby M+S s.r.o. (CZ) in third place. The title of Best Spare Parts Dealer went to Agrowest a.s.

In the category of foreign companies, ETZentrum Hellmuth GmbH & Co.KG (SRN) took gold, SASU FUMERY Pieces (FRA) took silver and LKH GmbH Hormersdorf (DE) took bronze.

The absolute winner of the past business year was the company Gregor a syn, s.r.o. from Tábor for the fourth time in a row. The Czech dealer managed to sell 89 pieces of equipment and thus maintain its business result from the previous year.

"Congratulations to all the winners. Especially Gregor a syn, s.r.o., which won for the fourth year in a row. It clearly shows the strength, expertise and proactivity of all the employees of the company. But I appreciate the work of our entire network, which faced difficult times and many unplanned challenges. I am already looking forward to the new year and I am curious whether the Tábor company will defend its victory and achieve its fifth triumph in a row, or whether there will be a challenger who will dethrone the king," says Pavel Jahoda, Sales Director of Strojíren Rožmitál, s.r.o.