2022 marks a year of twists and turns

2022 marks a year of twists and turns
1. 9. 2021
The past business year was marked by a number of external circumstances to which Strojírny Rožmitál s.r.o. had to react and which ultimately affected the business results.

"We have had a year full of negative upheavals. From the war conflict in Europe, to the energy crisis, to panic and fear in society. Despite this, the entire sales network managed to keep machine sales above 400 units. This is the second best business year since October 2019, a period affected by the negative events triggered by the global pandemic COVID 19. Therefore, I do not evaluate the past year negatively despite the downturn and I thank everyone for their cooperation," says Pavel Jahoda, Sales Director of Strojíreny Rožmitál, s.r.o.

In terms of sales and revenue, 417 pieces of equipment were sold in the 2021/2022 business year. This is a year-on-year decrease of 14.5%. Sales to foreign markets remained at 30%, the same as the previous year.

"I see this year as an opportunity for all of us. The Czech Republic is planning to launch a subsidy programme for rural development, energy prices in the winter months are exceeding all forecasts and are at the level of 2021, and according to the CNB forecast, inflation is also expected to decrease during the year," says Pavel Jahoda, adding: "In addition, we have new products and can expect to upgrade others, anti-pandemic measures have fallen and the world of trade fairs and exhibitions has returned to normal. That is why we are planning a slight increase in total sales of 5-10% for this year."

Summary of 2022

There was a clear positive development in the area of brand promotion at exhibitions. As a result of the gradual release of anti-pandemic measures, it was possible to organise show events and participate in trade fairs. In particular, participation in SIMA in Paris was positive for ROZMITAL, as was the cooperation with the Australian distributor Maximus AG and the new dealer in France, Ets Anselin. During the year, Rozmital also presented itself at Zemi Živitelka (CZ), Agra Leipzig (FRG), Maames (EST), Ka Pasesi (LTU), Dni Poľa (SK), Terres an Fete (FRA), Traktordiena (LT) Karpfhammer Fest & Rottalschau (FRG) and Agraria Wels (AT).

Another success of last year was the establishment of cooperation with the new dealer in Germany, ETZentrum Hellmuth GmbH & Co.KG, whereby the new German partner also became the manager of the central spare parts warehouse for the whole of Germany.

In terms of business results, Germany and the FRA were the countries with a 100% increase in year-on-year sales. "This is linked to our long-term strategy to strengthen our position, particularly in Western Europe," says Pavel Jahoda, adding: "We plan to continue to focus on this location this year, but also on Central Europe, where for example in Poland we see an opportunity for growth by changing our sales strategy."