Mow, turn, rake and now also press

Mow, turn, rake and now also press
4. 8. 2021
Strojírny Rožmitál presents a hot new product in its portfolio: roll bale presses. The new machines of the Czech traditional manufacturer will be on sale from the beginning of July and at discounted prices. The inclusion of roll bale presses completes the range of forage machinery.

Strojírny Rožmitál will launch roll bale presses at the beginning of the summer holidays. "The company's long-term goal was to expand the range of machines so that we could cover as many forage growing operations as possible. We have now succeeded in this and customers can look forward to three new products," says Lenka Janotová, director of the Strojírny Rožmitál division.

Two models have a fixed chain chamber and one has a cylindrical chamber. All the machines presented are characterized by robustness and durability, so appreciated features of all machines from the portfolio of Strojírny Rožmitál.

The LB-V120 roll baler presses bales with a diameter and width of 120 cm. The width of the picking unit is 1.8 m and the baler is particularly suitable for haylage. The required power of the driven machine is at least 60 HP. The bales can be tied in twine or, if desired, in net. The machine also has an ejection ramp, a mechanical indicator of the filled chamber and a control panel.

The chain balers with fixed chamber LB-R120 and LB-R150 differ in the bale diameter, where LB-R120 can compress 120 cm diameter bales, while LB-R150 can compress 150 cm diameter bales. The bale width is identical for both, at 120 cm. As with the cylindrical model, the chain balers have a pick-up width of 1.8 m and the machines require a minimum powerof 60 HP. The bales can be tied in twine or, on request, in net. Standard equipment includes an ejection ramp and a control panel, which on the LB-R120 can be placed in the tractor cab for convenient monitoring and adjustment of the baler. Optional equipment includes a PTO shaft, a PTO shaft with automatic coupling and, on the LB-R150, a two-metre pick-up.

All machines have wide tyres (400/60-15.5 14 PR) that allow smooth movement even on wet ground.

Strojírny Rožmitál was able to expand its product range with new machines by establishing OEM cooperation. "We were looking for a partner with high quality standards and the ability to prepare a product based on our requirements. This was successful and thanks to this we can offer our customers a quality and proven product with the features and benefits they are used to at Strojírny Rožmitál, i.e. robustness, quality, performance and efficiency, but also a superior 2-year warranty period and fast availability of service and spare parts," explains Lenka Janotová.

rozmital.cThe featured machines will be on sale from the beginning of the summer holidays at discounted prices. For more information on technical parameters or prices of the machines, please contact your nearest authorized Rožmitál dealer or visit Strojírny Rožmitál also plans to present the machines to customers at Země Živitelka trade fair in August or at the September Farmer's Day exhibition held in Kamen.