A shredder that surprises with its performance - the OZ-524S

A shredder that surprises with its performance - the OZ-524S
14. 3. 2024
The OZ-524S fodder is a four-rotor machine with a 5.2 m reach and 7 arms on each rotor. With an area output of up to 6 ha per hour, it is particularly suitable for small and medium acreages.

Fodder tedders  have long been part of the range of Strojírny Rožmitál. The first machines in this category were manufactured in Rožmitál pod Třemšínem as early as the late 1970s and impressed with their robustness and durability. For these key features, ROZMITAL machines are well-known and successful even today.

The range of fodder tedders offered by the Czech manufacturer is divided according to the number of rotors. Two, four, six, eight and ten rotor machines are available, and the associated working width ranges from 2.7 to 11.2 m. There is a choice for everyone, from the small private farmer to agricultural cooperatives farming larger areas.

The OZ-524S is a carrier type of fodder that plugs into a three-point hitch. When lifted into the transport position, the machine arms fold hydraulically, and thanks to the subsequent width of 2.98 m, the machine can also be moved in transport. In the transport position, the fodder is also automatically stabilised by means of stabilising bars. This element is also used during work, when it prevents the machine from wobbling and drifting on a slope.

The design of the OZ-524S is fitted with box-jointed rotor beams. The loose double joint connection allows to follow the terrain unevenness and to spread the forage well. The fodder is also equipped with 16x6,5-8 running wheels located under each rotor, these positively contribute to the excellent copying characteristics of the OZ-524S. The turner is therefore characterized by high mobility even in rough terrain.

The drive of the rotors is designed by shafts and universal joints and is secured by an overload clutch on the drive joint shaft. The rotor bevel gear is housed inside the rotor beam, the pinion is driven by a continuous hexagonal shaft and the gear wheel is bolted to the rotor disc. The working rotors are equipped with seven arms, each with one raking double finger made of high quality spring steel.

The OZ-524S has a larger diameter rotor (1.72 m) and seven arms for even forage distribution. The extra-strong working double fingers made of durable 10 mm diameter spring steel also ensure a good spread.

The clear advantage of the fodder is that it can be combined with tractors from 47 HP (35 kW) upwards. The OZ-524S can therefore be easily combined with older types of tractors or tractors with lower power outputs. Especially on small farms in the foothills, this is a valuable benefit.

In short, the OZ-524S is a robust, simple to operate and maintain machine that surprises with its high workload, copying capabilities and reliability.

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