What's new in ROZMITAL?

What's new in ROZMITAL?
14. 2. 2024
The traditional ROZMITAL forage harvesting machines are appreciated at home and abroad for their high durability and overall robustness. In-house development and production make them reliable equipment with a long service life. What can farmers look forward to this year?

In terms of development, the company is actively launching innovative machines and new products. In terms of plans for this year, we can reveal that the focus will be on the SD-300R, a rear-mounted side-mounted disc mower with a working width of 3 m equipped with a roller reel.

The machine was unveiled in prototype form at Agritechnica in Hanover, Germany, in the autumn and testing is planned during the spring mowing season. If all goes well, the machine will be released for sale in the second half of the year. Following the introduction of the lightweight rear side-mounted SD-20L and SD-24L and the front-mounted SC-301R with roller conditioner, this is the fourth new product in the disc mower category launched in the last 3 years.

The SD-300R is based on the proven and durable concept of rear side-slung machines with centre suspension. The working width of the machine will be 2.98 m and the cutter bar, which is developed and manufactured by Strojírny Rožmitál, will consist of 7 discs, each fitted with two quick-release knives. The machine will be hydropneumatically levelling and can be quickly and precisely adjusted to the required floating position. The hydraulic elements will be integrated into the machine's suspension frame. The machine will be equipped with a cylindrical squeezer with the possibility of disabling its function. The operator will only have to manually raise the upper squeezing roller to a higher position. The cut forage will then pass freely over the lower driven roller.

"The machine is expected to be used in the processing of clover, alfalfa, etc. We are seeing demand for the machine especially from the southern regions, i.e. the Iberian Peninsula, southern France, but also the Balkans. We expect a lot from our newest and most distant market, as our Australian partner is eagerly waiting for the new model," adds Pavel Jahoda, Sales director of Strojírny Rožmitál.

Other innovations already mentioned include the so-called hook fingers for the tedders. The shape of the new fingers improves the rate of spreading and fluffing of the forage, reduces the risk of the fingers digging into the soil and thus protects the forage from contamination or damage to the machine fingers themselves. In addition, the ROZMITAL solution allows the fingers to be adjusted to two positions, thus further influencing the rate of spreading. The new hook fingers are available as an option and can be fitted to the OZ-454, OZ-676, OZ-676H and OZ-908 models.

The three-point hitch on the OZ-676, OZ-676H and OZ-908 has also been innovated, allowing the machines to be equipped with a copy wheel to improve their copying performance. The OZ-776S model will undergo the same modification this year.  Another tedder, the OZ-908, has undergone liposuction, reducing its weight from 1515 kg to 1320 kg while maintaining all its key parameters and features. The fodder delivery rakes has not been forgotten either, with the SB-1352, SP-852H and SP-962H models now having a separate front copy wheel with damping against lateral oscillation as standard.

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