Agritechnica: a wild autumn ride

1. 1. 2022
After four years, we were once again on the scene, in Hannover, Germany, at the world's most prestigious exhibition, Agritechnica. Half a million visitors from 149 countries, 2812 exhibitors from 52 countries and ROZMITAL among them.

We still get goosebumps when we think of this year's AGRITECHNICA. The event was held after four years affected by the pandemic. And the farmers' hunger for news and trends in agriculture was overwhelming.

Officially, 470,000 people from 149 countries found their way to the exhibition grounds! We can't tell you how many of them found their way to Forage Hall 27, where we were, we didn't count. What we do know is that the stand staff did not stop for the entire 7 days of the exhibition.

We are in discussions with dozens of partners about possible cooperation. Fingers crossed, if it works out, we could start selling our machines to Latin America or Central Asia, for example. During the fair, dozens of farmers also expressed interest in buying our machines, and individual dealers are in contact with them. And on top of that, we are being featured in newspapers across Europe.

We know from experience that Agritechnica reverberates for several months. It's too early to make a precise assessment, but we know one thing already: it's been a ride!