ROZMITAL: unbreakable machines for 110 years

ROZMITAL: unbreakable machines for 110 years
28. 7. 2023
Tradition, durability and reliability - three pillars that have long characterised Strojírny Rožmitál and the machines developed and manufactured in Rožmitál pod Třemšínem. Tradition is evidenced by a history that began 110 years ago, and we can look at durability and reliability through the lens of complaints, which have not exceeded 0.12% of total sales in the last three years.

110 years ago, i.e. on 28 July 1913, the then Joint Stock Company for the Iron Industry Ferrum started the steps leading to the repair of a burnt mill in Rožmital and its transformation into a machine shop where it intended to process the products of its own foundry. After the lease of 30 June 1913 between the company and the Prague Archbishopric, this was another important historical milestone that laid the foundation for today's Strojírny Rožmitál, s.r.o.

"Thank you to all the employees, customers and business partners who have written and are writing our story with us. We appreciate your support and goodwill. I would like to wish Strojírny Rožmitál at least another 110 successful years and many satisfied customers working with ROZMITAL technology all over the world," says Lenka Janotová, Director of Strojírny Rožmitál, s.r.o.

This year, the company is commemorating its anniversary with a specially designed birthday logo, which will be used by the professional and general public at exhibitions and presentations, as well as on the website, social networks, etc. until the end of the year.

The celebration also includes a special offer on 11.0 selected models with a discount of up to 39%. Among the promotional models are representatives of all categories of machines offered by ROZMITAL. The promotion is valid until 30 September or while stocks last. For information on which models are on sale and at what prices, interested parties must contact authorized ROZMITAL machine dealers.

Throughout its history, the traditional Czech brand has earned the name of a renowned manufacturer of forage technology, which is valued at home and abroad for its durability and reliability. And it is this durability and reliability that we have been looking at.

"The low value of the share of the cost of complaints in sales, which is only 0.12%, clearly tells us that ROZMITAL machines do not suffer from breakdowns and that in the case of complaints they are minor defects," says Pavel Jahoda.

In the last three years, almost 1,300 machines have been sold to 20 countries around the world. The number of complaints has been lower each year. A positive trend in the period under review is the year-on-year reduction in the total number of complaints by 40%.

„On various occasions we meet farmers from all over Europe who confirm that they have been using our machines for many years without major problems. Twenty years of operation of the ROZMITAL machine is no exception. I therefore dare to say that the ROZMITAL is a machine that can be relied upon," says Pavel Jahoda.

And what is the success of the high quality of ROZMITAL machines? They are simple and robust machines of reliable construction. High-quality, durable and proven materials are used in production and subcontracting of selected machine components, such as gearboxes, is carried out with proven suppliers. The success is also due to the long tradition of the company and therefore the use of proven procedures in development and production and, last but not least, the Czech staff and their "golden hands".