Robust and simple balers from ROZMITAL

Robust and simple balers from ROZMITAL
22. 5. 2024
The Czech company Strojírny Rožmitál s.r.o. has been profiling itself as a manufacturer of forage technology since the 1970s. Its product range traditionally consists of tedders and delivery rakes, since the 1990s it has added disc mowers and the latest addition in 2021 is roll balers.

There are two types in particular, both of which are characterised by a fixed press chamber. The LB-V120 has a cylindrical design, as the fixed chamber is fitted with 16 press rollers forming a 120 cm diameter bale. In addition, notches are placed around the perimeter of the rollers to prevent the material from slipping during baling. This type is perfectly suited for haylage processing. Other models are the LB-R120 and LB-R150, which have a chain drive and 33 bars for forming bales with a diameter of 120 or 150 cm. The machines are suitable for baling hay and straw. The baling chamber of all ROZMITAL balers is mechanically locked, so the hydraulic pump of the tractor is not loaded during operation.

The picking gear of both types of balers is designed in a similar way, the over-weighting system and separate side copying wheels ensure excellent cross-cutting of the terrain and therefore efficient collection of the material. The working width of the collector is 1.8 m as standard, and 2 m for the LB-R150. From the collector the stock is moved into the press chamber, in the case of chain balers this is done directly, in the case of roller balers the stock passes through the insertion rotor. This reduces the risk of clogging of the collecting unit and also has a positive effect on the overall compaction of the bale. There are also 13 cutting knives which, together with the rotor, help to shallow the pile to a length of up to 10 cm. This is particularly useful for haylage where the resulting bales are packed to start the feed preservation process. The individual blades are individually protected against stones or other objects that could damage them. If necessary, the blades can be removed or their number reduced.

The basic range of presses can be tied in twine, on request also in netting. The machine operator is informed that the chamber is full by an acoustic signal via a digital panel, which is equipped with every baler from ROZMITAL. The number of winding rotations is manually selected by the operator before each job. When the wrapping is finished, another acoustic signal sounds, after which the machine operator can open the press chamber via the external hydraulic circuit, thus moving the bale onto the ejection ramp and rolling it away from the press.

The actual control of the baler by the operator is via a digital controller from the tractor cab. The tractor operator can thus not only open the baler chamber from the tractor cab, but also lift the pick-up, lower the net and operate the preservative applicator.

The balers require at least 60 HP and 540 rpm of driven machine power at the output shaft. Together with a total machine weight ranging from 2.35 t to 3 t (depending on the model and accessories), this is a tool that can be handled by even the lower power class of tractors. That is why the red balers from Rožmital pod Třemšínem are also used on small and private farms. In addition, the machines are fitted with wide tyres as standard to minimise damage to the grass, but also for smooth movement even on wet ground.

ROZMITAL's roll balers are generally characterised by the robust design, so characteristic and appreciated in all ROZMITAL machines, and simple operation. The machine sides can be easily opened, giving the operator convenient access to the interior of the machine, including the lubricating spots. Spare parts are in stock and immediately available within the ROZMITAL sales network.

"Over the past three years, we have made farmers and growers realise that our offer also includes balers. This can be seen in the growing demand for these machines, of which we have successfully sold several dozen machines, not only in the Czech Republic, but also abroad," says Pavel Jahoda, Sales Director of Strojírny Rožmitál s.r.o.

Farmers can find out more about the range of ROZMITAL machines on the website or in the dealer network.