Even animals have their dreams

Even animals have their dreams
15. 12. 2023
For a long time now, more than one wise head in ROZMITAL has been pondering how to differentiate itself, to attract attention, and at the same time to remain the same old ROZMITAL. We can all agree that it needs a change, but how to do it? One fine day we figured it out and today we proudly present the "Even animals have their dreams" campaign.

How to impress and differentiate yourself from others? It's a challenge we've been puzzling over and then we figured it out. Enough with the serious stories that try to captivate us with dynamic photos and music. We're from the Czech Republic, and the Czechs are all about the art of making fun and traditional Švejk soldier kind of fun. So let's bring wit, looseness and freshness to our presentation.

And because that's how it's done, we gave the communication change the name "Even animals have their dreams".

What does that mean? It means that here are now: the wise old goat who remembers the beginnings of ROZMITAL, the resilient donkey, the unstoppable worker just like ROZMITAL machines and the cow with the calf, the reliable mother who will do everything for her offspring just like ROZMITAL does for its customers. All three of us love juicy grass and dream of machines that make us eat delicious food. We dream of a simple job well done. We dream of ROZMITAL! 

The cartoonist and the graphic designer sat down at their desks and painted our stories of how we dream, or conversely, how we enjoy juicy forage. The resulting visuals are starting to appear in print and online advertising, and the motifs also appeared on the ROZMITAL stand at Agritechnica. In short, we will now be everywhere. Look forward to it!